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How To Flush Out 15+ Pounds Of Stubborn Waste

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Dr. Mark Rosenberg

Dr. Mark Rosenberg

Chief Medical Advisor

Dr. Mark Rosenberg is one of America’s leading anti-aging researchers. He earned his M.D. from the Georgetown School of Medicine, and is a frequent guest lecturer at Harvard University, the Cleveland Clinic, and other top research institutions.

A Personal Letter From Dr. Rosenberg

There's a root cause to the weight gain, bloating and low energy that afflicts millions of Americans. It's not something that doctors ever talk about, so to keep it simple for my patients, I simply call it "Western Gut."

The diet and supplement companies hate that I'm releasing this video, because once you break free of Western Gut, you can eat what you want with total freedom. In this video, I'll tell you how to know if your gut has been affected. And if so, you'll learn the simple daily habits to lose serious weight, flush out pounds of built-up waste, and enjoy better digestion and energy than you have in years, or maybe even decades. Make sure you watch all the way through, because I'll share the exact protocol that's helped women like Amber, and some of my toughest-case patients.

Dr. Mark Rosenberg
Dr. Mark Rosenberg, M.D.
Advanced Medical Therapeutics
Mark Rosenberg

In This Video,
You’ll Discover…

How A Husband’s Wandering Eye Disrupted The Skincare Industry

The Simple Test To Know If You've Been Affected By Western Gut (And What To Do About It)

Time Time: 02:27 secs

Why "Zombie Cells" Make The Skin Look Old, Lumpy and Lifeless

Why Diets, Exercise, Probiotics, and Other Supplements Aren't Enough

Time Time: 10:57 mins

Why Collagen, Topicals and Injections Don’t Get To The Root Cause

The Strange Reason Skinny Thai Women Became Overweight When They Moved To Minnesota

Time Time: 13:11 mins

The Simple Daily Habit To "Reactivate" The Look Of Young, Healthy Skin

The Simple Daily Habit To Restore Your Gut, And Look And Feel Your Best

Time Time: 31:28 mins